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Click the link below to print a bookfair voucher and help support our school by shopping at Barnes and Nobel November 27-29



Co-Workers in Faith, Partners in Education

Fostering Community

Celebrating Tradition

Discovering Giftedness

Embracing Accountability

Growing in the Spirit

Important Information
Nov 9-20 St. Vincent DePaul Food Drive, goal is 3000 cans
Nov 19 UL/UK Day with $1 donation to Student Council
  Grandparent's Lunch, 6J, 12:10, Cafe'
  KUNA Mtg, 2:45-4 PM
Nov 20 Play Practice, Aladdin, til 5:30 pm
Nov 22 Sounds of the Season Concert, 6 PM, Church
  Skate Party, Skate World, 6:30-8:30 pm
Nov 23-27 Thanksgiving Break, No School!
Nov 27-29 Barnes and Noble Bookfair, use coupon
Nov 30 School Resumes
  SAFE Training, St Patrick, 6:30 pm, Schindler Hall
Dec 2 Readerobics 2:45-3:30 pm, Library
Dec 3 National Honor's Society (4th/5th Grade) 3-3:30 pm
Dec 4 Play Practice, Lion King, til 5:30 pm
Dec 7-11 Santa Shop
The Hornets Nest, your source for school
Your search engine, help the school earn
FACTS 2013-2014
St Athanasius: A Future of Hope Video

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