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Girls won the Boys Vs Girls contest for the Crusade for Children. Their Free Dress Day is Monday, April 18th!!!!!!!!!


Co-Workers in Faith, Partners in Education

Fostering Community

Celebrating Tradition

Discovering Giftedness

Embracing Accountability

Growing in the Spirit

Important Information
Jan 27 Deadline for 2016/17 Current Fam Re-Enrollment
May 3 1st/8th gr Field Trip to Zoo
May 5 3rd Grade Field Trip, Cathedral of the Assumption
May 9 4th Grade Field Trip to State Capital
May 10 Choir Practice, 2:45-3:30, Church
  Lion King, 8M Play, Gym, 7 PM
May 11 Circle of Life Youth Group Mtg, 3-5, St A
May 12 Aladdin, 8B Play, Gym, 7 PM
May 13 Walk-a-thon, 1 pm, campus grounds
May 14 Car wash benefit Crusade for Children, parking lot
May 17 PreK Spring Program in Church at 6:30 pm
  Choir Practice, 2:45-3:30, Church
May 19 8th Grade Awards and Pictures, 9 AM, Church
  8th Grade Graduation, 6:30 pm, Church
  Graduation Celebration, following graduation
May 20 Awards, Grades 5-7, 10 am, Church
  Awards, Grades 1-4, 12:30 pm, Church
May 23 Field Day
  Maintenance Day, Desks/chairs to attic, 8 AM
May 24 Report Cards Pick Up Day, Book Fair,Conf if needed
Click Here To Print Your Chick-fil-a Spirit Night Cards!!!
Click Here To Print Your Chick-fil-a Spirit Night Cards!!!
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